Monday, May 12, 2014

I love my mom ... BUT

Yeah, I love my mother.  I really do.  I would be happier if she remembered how long it took me to do craft projects.  LOL.  I hope you are sitting down for this story.  Here goes.

As you might know from a post a couple of days ago (or was it weeks), I am suppose to crochet 3 pairs of potholders for mom to give as presents to the nurses aids, etc.  I am slow enough with crocheting that it takes me about a week to do ONE of the potholders.  Not one pair but ONE potholder.  That might be a slight exaggeration because I can get it done in one day if I ignore everything else but you get the idea.  Why does it take me so long?  This could be one reason.

If I don't wind up the yarn in a ball, that is what happens to the yarn.  It took me all night to get it wound up in a ball.  I think that my friend Janine's cat Samson snuck into my apartment when I wasn't looking and had fun.  Anyway, back to Mom.  So for Mother's Day I gave her four coasters.  After she realized that they weren't the potholders but coasters for her, she loved them.

That being settled she turned her attention to the two mini wall hangings that were above her picture bulletin board.  I embroidered them about a year ago but now her eyesight doesn't allow her to "see' them.  She needs them to be appliqued because she can see the larger pieces of fabric etc.  Of course, trying to be helpful, she said I could just fill in all that open space on the embroidered mini's.  Do you know how LONG it would take me to do that?  LOL.  So we settled on something else.

I happened to have my "Inspired by Tradition" book with me so we started to look through that.  I know that I can do those blocks so wasn't too worried.  Mom started to point out which pictures/blocks she liked.  By the time it was finished she had 10 pictures she liked.  I told her that she had to narrow it down to 2.  By the time she had decided which two she wanted, she had completely changed her mind on which blocks she wanted and now she wanted to merge two pictures into one.  I'll let you know how that turns out.  I think I have printed out the right size of the blocks I want but have to tape them together first and add the two elements together.  I'll keep you posted.

Everybody stay safe and don't let your projects take over your life.  You can get them all done...sooner or later.  :)