Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Friday

YAY!   I survived coming back to work for a couple of days and am happy that this weekend is here.  Too bad I can't manage to only work two days a week.  LOL.

I came back to a new computer so have been going through my list of things that I want to have installed and slowly tweaking the computer to be more Bonni friendly.  The major issue is that IT has to move everything off my an external drive that I was using for work since the new computer doesn't like it.  It's this computer and not the hard drive since everybody else can see the hard drive files.  Sigh.

While on vacation I did manage to repurpose a small wall hanging.  I had done "Dust Bunny's" from The Quilt Pattern Magazine wall hanging but while it was cute, it wasn't my favorite.  So I took off the appliqued dust bunny (two bunnnies sitting on a black dust pan) and decided to put up circles instead.  They are fused on but not stitched.  I decided to be totally lazy and not even stitch them down since it won't be up for long.  I can always do that later.  The background was already quilted (FMQ too!) so the layers will all stay together fine.  What do you think?

This weekend I hope to work on a small banner for the office.  It will be red fabric with black letters for NIU and black paw prints.  Probably a couple of paw prints, then NIU, then a couple more paw print flags.  That would be put above the area where I hang my NIU T-shirt wall hanging.  Custom Quilt Kits is did the paw prints and the lettering so all I have to do is fuse them in place.  Once again this is a quick little project and I might be lazy there also and not sew it on (buttonhole).  You wouldn't be able to see the stitching anyway from a distance.  On the other hand, I might try raw edge applique just to be sure.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

I have my blocks for the Rose of Sharon BOM to catch up on, the HEXIE BOM to do (yes I'm behind on that also) and work on the last two blocks for the Civil War BOM.  I might try to get the Civil War BOM done so that I can figure out how to finish it.  I'm thinking of just doing plain sashings and then use swags in a border.  I'm talking with Custom Quilt Kits (who offered the BOM) about that already.

Also on vacation I decided to get my hair cut and shaped a bit different.  

Yep, that's me.  Hope you enjoy the picture because it could be another 5 years or longer before you see me post another one.  LOL.

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Kat Scribner said...

LOL. Let's see if I can picture you 5 years older. I like your wall hanging. It reminds me of the solar system - big and little planets floating about. Go ahead and machine applique those circles down.