Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Back from seeing mom for Mother's Day 2014.  We had our breakfast, courtesy of my brother (it was his turn) and she was delighted that he brought McDonald's breakfast burritos and their hot picante sauce.  He also brought flowers but they were secondary to the picante sauce.  Once that comes out everything else is secondary.  I guess it was a good thing that I had given her what I brought her for Mother's Day.

The bucket list for May is Free Motion Quilting so I gave mom some quick and easy coasters and did free motion quilting on them.  Here she is holding up two of the four coasters.  She had fun picking out which coaster my brother Kerm would get to put his coffee mug on.  She decided that the watering can one was good for him but she wanted the pink flower basket and I got the yellow flowers on my coaster too.

Of course she also had to point out that "the ladies" were all dressed up for Mother's Day too so I had to take their pictures.  These are the two bunnies that Ms. Nancy had done for me and mom.  Mine, named Edith after my mother, came to visit her and I haven't been able to take her back home yet.  It appears that rabbit teas last a LOT longer than a month (or 3) of Sundays.  Mom hasn't named her bunny yet (the yellow one) so I think I will name her Daisy after my aunt and mom's friend since school days.  Daisy passed away earlier this year so it will be a nice reminder to have a Daisy with mom.  I think she looks like a Daisy don't you?

You can also see that mom doesn't pay attention to the holiday season.  If she likes it she keeps it up on the wall or in her section of her room.  Behind Daisy and Edith you can see the snowman that Brenda Sutter embroidered on her machine as well as the Christmas tree that mom made this year in activities class.

I have tons to do today so I'll bid you farewell.  Happy Mother's Day to all who are one and for those who aren't I hope you have a delightful day remembering your own mother.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Grinning....and why not celebrate all, all year around. Looks like you had a nice Mom's Day.

esther said...

Your mom looks very happy. So glad you got to spend time with her. Love the way she has her room decorated. Enjoy life.And keep up the good work.

Marsha Clark said...

Pretty !!! <3