Monday, August 8, 2016

1st Day on Schedule

It's Monday and according to my new schedule I made it is work on the Dinosaurs.  I took out my purple dino and managed to finish him up.  I should say that finished him up except for his eye.  I'm not doing the eyes on any of them until the end and then I'll decide if I want that brown circle to be added to them.

That means next Monday when the dino's make it to their rotation, I will be starting on a new one.  It looks like a blue one is next in line.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a cross stitch so I'll have to figure out which one I want to work on.  i might be ripping out one them.  I am thinking that I will redo my Guardian cross stitch.  I have over 1000 stitches in it but I found out that I miscounted how wide it will be.  If I kept on, it would only leave an inch for blocking and framing.  I think that I will start over on larger fabric.  This one is complicated enough so I'm going to want to frame it and that means a mat or something for a border and I will need more than 1" for that.  The fabric won't go to waste.  I will use it for something else.  Now the big question is do I work on one of two Christmas cross stitches or do I continue to work on the birthday present flowers.  Hmm.  I think Noel will win out. I really want to work on the other Christmas one but I don't have all the colors so that can wait a bit.

Then on Wednesday, my day off work, I get to work on the Asian Teapot blocks.  I'm looking to finish one if not two of them on Wednesday.

That's it for my report for tonight.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

I hope that everybody has had a great day and will have an even better today tomorrow and remember....

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