Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday stitching

Today is somewhat of a quiet day.  I, gasp, cleaned up a corner of the sewing area which unveiled more UFOs or WIPs, etc.  So I thought on a plan.

I plan on working on more than one project each week.  I can hear some of you saying that I'll never finish if I do that but you know what?  I'm not finishing now so it's worth a shot.  My plan is

Monday - quilt block - Dinorawr block
Tuesday - cross stitch
Wednesday - Asian Teapot Block
Thursday - cross stitch
Friday - Butterfly Block.

Saturday and Sundays are Free days.  If I want to work on something I will but if I don't, I won't.  That will still give me time for socializing on every other weekend night (which is what I normally do) but also give me time to start to work on some t-shirt wall hangings that need to be done by November.

This schedule is for finishing the blocks and doesn't count sewing them together or quilting the wall hangings.  That schedule will come later and when it comes, the t-shirt quilts will probably have to take top priority.  

To remind some of you what the Dinorawr blocks look like at this stage and what the Asian teapot blocks look like here are the pictures.  Some of the blocks are already stitched down but I'll keep at them.  I already have the background fabric picked out and I'm not sure I will do sashings.  I like how sashings normally look but am lazy and don't like to work on them.  It's that "pieced" thing again.

The great thing about working on these blocks is that I do my stitching down by hand so I can watch TV, chat on the internet or whatever while still getting this work done.  :)

That's my check in for today.  I hope everybody is having a great day!

Happy Stitching!

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