Thursday, August 11, 2016

Have you seen......

Have you seen  Missouri Star Quilt Company Fall 2016 catalog?  It is their first issue and I just got it today.  I have to admit that I like it.  I love looking through it but then I love looking through catalogs.  This is nicer to me because sometimes I don't want to always stare at a computer screen.  I will stop looking at the screen after 4 pages.  This however, I looked through and already earmarked some pages.

One of the pages that I earrmarked was for what they called Backing and Trims.  It is a page of 108 wide fabric.  That is my favorite to buy because one yard can be used on larger projects or cut up for multiple smaller backs.

I don't know about all the lines that they show, but I do have some Stonehenge Gradations backing and the colors that are represented are pretty close to what you get.  You just need to remember that gradations is like looking at a gem.  It can change somewhat but the overall color is pretty spot on.  I am intrigued by the Chelsea Backing which is like paisleys.  That black and white is REALLY drawing me in.  Good thing it's a small payday or else it would already be on order.  LOL.

I can hear some of you saying "That's nice Bonni but what about the rest of the catalog?"  I think it is nicely laid out.  Certainly catches the eye with the bright colors.  There is more than just fabric in it.  It has notions as well as kits and little extras.  Have you heard of "Couch to Quilt"?  It's a box (ok....others might call it a kit) that has about "$250 worth of goods and services, including machine quilting and binding for just $99.95" (page 72 of the catalog).  What does that mean?  On the next page they tell you what it means.  It means that the supplies included are:

charm pack and border fabric
cutting mat
rotary cutter
instruction booklet
pair of scissors
seam ripper
free quilting.

Yes, you read that right.  Free Quilting.  According to the catalog "after you get your quilt top sewn together, all you have to do is mail it back to us [Missouri Star Quilt Company] and our fabulous Machine Quilting Department will take care of the rest!  They'll finish up your beautiful creation on a professional longarm quilting machine, and even bind your quilt for free!"

If you'd like your own copy of the their catalog, go to their website and sign up.

They have some great seasonal fabric in this catalog but while you are on their site, check out their deals of the day and sale items.  You might also want to check out their Quilt Snips videos and tutorials on YouTube as well as scroll through their website.  The quilt that is pictured on the cover of their catalog was one that was featured on a tutorial.

The Primetime Olympic coverage is starting so I'll post my progress picture now.  It is Thursday and that means more stitching on the NOEL cross stitch project.

I have more of the green frame done.  The next time I work on the green it will be to fill in the green frame.  I need to work on the red filigree before I move my hoop.  It is coming along.  I am sort of liking this rotation method.  Tomorrow will be back to quilting blocks and it is a butterfly block that I will be working on.

This Saturday is my gaming night so no quilting or cross stitch that day.  Perhaps Sunday I will pull out the box of T-Shirts and figure out what size I will need to cut them.  I looked at a couple and I think 12" finished won't be large enough.  I might have to do 14".

I hope you have a great evening/day.

Hugs to all.

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