Saturday, March 10, 2018


Yes I'm that excited.  I finished my test pattern and sent off the results.  I tried a new to me method of doing the binding on it and I have to say that I think it turned out quite well.  You'll see it after it has appeared in the magazine.  This method isn't new but I have, up to this point, always sewn my binding by hand (both the front and back).  It's only been within the last year that I have even started to mitre my corners!  Guess I must be learning stuff huh?  THIS time, however, I sewed the front on by machine and then stitched the back of the binding down by hand.  I had found a tutorial on it that made sense to me.  I am still having problems in joining the two end pieces together but I will figure it out eventually.  In the meantime my seam ripper isn't far from me.

That triumph lit that spark in me again and I looked at how far behind I am on the BOMs that I wanted to do.  Sigh.  I did realize that in Angie's Bug Off! BOM why I haven't finished the caterpillar.    I didn't like it.  Oh it's cute and I sort of liked how I had it laid out and stuff but not enough to continue to work on it.  Hello Mr. Seam Ripper.  I unpicked what I had fused on and then had a brainy idea.  I found some fabric that I wanted to use because in MY mind, Mr. Caterpillar was actually an inch worm.  I know...I know...inch worms don't have antennae.  Still I had to use this fabric!  So I think Mr. Caterpillar is either auditioning Halloween costumes or, because of the notoriety he is getting from being featured in Bug Off!, he is going undercover. 

I will work on him this weekend and even put in his antennae.

Another BOM block that I will be working on is the Tea Party BOM.  I might be redoing the tea cup, I'm not sure yet, but I did find material that I like for the teapot which is March's block.  I chose this fabric because it is similar to the pattern on one of the teapots that I have from my grandmother.

This is the BOM that I did that cake/cake stand for.  That might be redone because I found a fabric that has hummingbirds on it and my sense of humor says my cake might end up being a hummingbird cake.  LOL.   Plus I'm not happy with the background fabric so might have to change that out.  I am thinking I will both white on white and offwhite/beige on offwhite/beige for the background blocks.  Give it a little different look and dimension.

The other thing that I did different this weekend was that I printed the teapot up on Heat n Bond....pre-cut sheets.  I use Heat n Bond but haven't used the pre-cut sheets before.  The directions say to take out the copy paper and put one sheet of the Heat n Bond in the printer.  My printed didn't like that.  The Heat n Bond was too thin and the rollers wouldn't grab it so I put the regular copy paper back in behind the one sheet of Heat n Bond and it worked quite well.

I won't use the pre-cut sheets often because most designers spread out the individual pieces you need and it would have too much waste.  I wouldn't normally use it for this either since the opposite problem exists.  There wasn't ANY space between the pieces.  That's ok.  Even though some people think that I wasted paper and fabric, I can trace over the paper that is fused on the fabric for another project.  Did that make sense?  I'm sure you know what I meant to say anyway.  :)

I'm going to stop here so I can rest my wrist.  Yesterday, my wrist popped when I was stretching.  It's ok but tender and I want to take it easy on it today.  It is wrapped up for more support. 

So everybody have a great weekend and I'll check in tomorrow.

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