Sunday, March 18, 2018

Update and quandary

Hi everybody.

I thought I would post some update pictures from my organization of scraps.  These will do for now but I will eventually have to get a better container for them but for now, until I finish (IF I finish) sorting these will have to do. 

The red/pink/blue/green box didn't have a lid so I had to make some dividers for it.  I was going to throw out the old and warped poster board that I had from Dollar Tree but instead used it to divide and label the box.  I also used a taller box because I use those colors a lot.  I will also put all of my 2 1/2" squares in a separate box in preparations for a watercolor quilt or just "because".

That is the easy part.  The harder part is my quandary.  I finished appliqueing a Happy Birthday runner which was put out by AccuQuilt YEARS ago.  I had Rose Hall from Custom Quilt Kits choose my fabric and cut out everything so all I had to do was fuse things down and stitch it.  So why did it take so long to get to this stage?  Because EVERYTHING takes me that long to do.  LOL.  Anyway, now that I have it ready to start to quilt, I'm not sure what color of thread do I want to use.

I only do straight line stitching so I have it marked on a diagonal. 

I am not sure I want to use purple on the white sections (the back is white so a white bobbin will be used) but I also don't want to use a white on the purple...or do I?

So help me decide.  Think there is little enough purple that the white won't matter that much?  I have a hard time using different color thread than the material.  As I get more confident in my quilting, perhaps that will diminish somewhat.  Also, what is your opinion of stitching through the letters and cupcakes.  I'm not going to stitch around all the letters.  Stitching the idea of stitching around the cupcakes was tossed out when I went with diagonal lines.  I'm getting tired of seeing this so I probably won't do a cross hatch either.  Just one line of diagonal.  It will be used at office birthday parties and put on the wall so food shouldn't get close to it...nor people to see it close up.

Awaiting your comments!


PS:  Ignore the messy work area behind the Happy Birthday Banner. 


esther said...

White is good. You worry way to much. Go with the flow and enjoy life Bonni. Looks great from here. I am getting ready to a Isis quilt. But I think I will needle turn it As I like needle turning.

esther said...

Iris quilt sorry I didn't spell check before I posted .

Marian said...

I would do it in white or invisible thread. Can't wait to see what you choose.