Saturday, March 17, 2018

Snip Snip

I didn't get much done today because I was called to help Proctor Exams to high school students.  That took all day but after I got home, I started to pull out some scraps and decided it was time to get them cut and organized a bit more. 

My white/cream section need to be done and I might do that tomorrow.

I think that I will try to put them in containers by color groupings.  The pinks and reds might go in the same container etc.

This will be in preparation to making a wall hanging out of a book that was sent to me.

I will be using 2 1/2" squares for anything I make since that is what size the squares are on the fusible interfacing.

I need to cut some more fabric though.  I can see that one of my boxes or containers will be for "novelty and What The Heck fabric (WTH)".  WTH fabric is the fabric that I can't decide what color grouping it should go into.  I have to put it some place.  :)

That's it for now.  Time to get something to eat and then probably to bed.

Have a great day/night everybody.

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