Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Busy Sunday

This is going to be a short post but I wanted to show my small mini wall hanging that I finished. 

It's only 12" but I wanted something for March to put on the door to my office or to hang up by my desk.  I was going to make a table runner with three of the shamrocks but wanted to finish it.  Tomorrow I will take it to the office with me and hang it up.  Maybe next  year I might go ahead and make that table runner.  Don't hold your breath.  I can squirrel soooo many times in a year.  LOL.

I had made a list of things I wanted to work on and I think I have been somewhat successful on working on it.  Here's the list with my notations next to each item on my progress.

downloading and printing up patterns for the BOMs that I am in - I am caught up (until tomorrow when another pattern comes out).

trying to catch up on a block or two from February's BOMs (grins) - I am working on them but am making progress.

working on a test pattern for The Quilt Pattern Magazine which is due in a couple of weeks - I am stitching on it while at the computer.

cooking for the rest of the week - I put some meat in the crockpot last night, took it out this morning and put potatoes and carrots in the juices.  Took them out when they were done and then put in rice which finished cooking 30 minutes later.  Gotta love Crock Pot cooking.

Post on my blog  - - Yep.  Obviously I'm working on that now.

read part of a book - Yep.  I'm reading book 4 in the Annie's Attic Mystery series - Broderie Curse.

listen to part of a book on Audible - Probably right before bed.

I think that is pretty good progress.  I need to get back to it though so I hope everybody has a great night.

Before I go, a friend (Thanks Helen) sent me a link which had pictures of fantastic sugar work.  Since you all are so sweet I thought to share a couple of pictures with you from time to time.  Here are two of them.  Sugar work supreme!

Happy Stitching...


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Deb Johnson, Quiltbeeme said...

I love your Shamrock wall hanging! I love the way you quilted a line around it - emphasizes the cute shape of the shamrock! I can't wait to finish mine! I will have my video about the making of my shamrock uploaded as soon as I get my new laptop. Bonni - thanks for keeping me inspired! Good job getting so much of your weekend's list done! Hugs, Deb