Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Inspired square done

I managed to finish another of the "Inspired" squares today.  I'll square them all up later.  My grandmother always said show the back of your work.  I seldom do but in her honor (and also because the back doesn't look too bad) I'm also posting a picture of the back.

I was debating on what to work on next.  Another "Inspired" block or a mug rug or what.  Then I received a text that asked if I was done with this months two snowmen blocks.  Oops.  I guess I'd better work on that next.  My friend Connie is sharing her perle cotton with me for this and she needs it back so she can work on her squares.  I am off work on Monday so I will be working on the snowmen Sunday and Monday.  If I get them done in time I'll work on this months bucket list.  I think I have it figured out on how to do it and can make just one square.    We'll see.  :)

Everybody have a great day.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Bonni!!!
Heather Chaulk

esther said...

Wonderful work Bonni as always :) love your work.

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wonderful ,I had try to do that as well,but I can't stick it .

Bonni said...

Thanks everybody. This is what I work on when I'm sitting in my chair at the end of the day and in front of the tv or computer. Yes, I work on quilting with the computer in front of me. hehe.

ANudge said...

Lovely block, Bonni - on both sides.