Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stitch Out 2013

Today was the great Stitch Out 2013 at Needles in Rochelle.  Had a wonderful time.  If you're on facebook, here is there facebook page.

Their website is

Go check them out.  Now to chat about the Stitch Out 2013.

As you can see, I took some picture but, typically me, I forgot to get peoples names.  So if anybody know the names of these people let me know and I'll add them in.  LOL.

OOPS!  Forgot one of the pictures and it is one of the owners of the shop.  Can't have that can I?

Yep, that's were I was.  At Needles in the MayMart shopping center.  We were to bring our own lunch and chairs and they furnished drinks and munchies.  Oh my!  The munchies were great!

See that pink bottle?  We got that from them (isn't it cute?) and that basket of munchies?  Rumor had it that the astronaut food (as we called it) of dried pears, apples and other fruit, was delish.  I can vouch for the packs of teddy graham bears.  That was just on the outside.  Inside there was lemonade for us to put in the bottle and cupcakes and YUMMMY cookies.  Let's face it, large chocolate chip cookies and large macadamia nut cookies ARE yummy.

They also had door prizes and I won!  This next picture is what one lady was working on (black and red quilt for a new NIU student from the family) and she won a door prize of red and black pre cut squares.  Wonderful isn't it?

Here's my door prize.  I won the pattern for a candle mat.  Isn't that cute (I know I'm saying that a lot).  A birthday mug rug or candle mat.  I will certainly have to make this.

I had given Connie a reverse applique pattern and she brought it.  She didn't think it turned out right but it did.  She will get two table runners from this pattern.  This pix might not make sense but it will when it is ironed on.

This picture, however, will make more sense.  Isn't that great?  The green is what she cut out from the above picture.  I think it will turn out great.  She also was using Karen Buckley applique scissors.  I need to get some.  I have Karen Buckley scissors but they are the regular size ones not the small applique ones.

Not everybody was working on quilting stuff.  The shop has fabric but also has a nice selection of yarn.  These ladies were working on yarn stuff.  

There were about 14 people there  and I believe everybody had fun.  I even told Connie she could take my picture.  Typically I don't like my picture but I did say I would post it.  I was slouched into the chair and had my hair up since it was warm.  There was a nice breeze out and I don't think we could have had a nicer day.  
 Since Connie took my picture I figured it was only fair that I take hers.  Turn about IS fair play after all.  :)

Anyway, I hope that they stay around for awhile and that this will become a yearly event.  The personnel is very friendly and helpful.

Everybody have a happy day.  I'm tired and plan on going to bed early.  :)


esther said...

Oh what fun you had today!! Wish I could have been there! <3

Needles said...

We loved having you! I'm so glad you had fun! We are already staring to think about cool things to do for the 2014 Stitch Out, so keep a look out for emails about it next summer! Again, thank you so much for joining us!