Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goodies in the mail and Hexie progress

What a wonderful week it has been....for mail.  LOL.  I had forgotten that I ordered some things and when they came in the mail this week it was like an unexpected surprise. First up was from Missouri Quilt Company.  I bought one of their charm packs called Mosaic and then noticed that they offered "scrap bags".  It was for $5 and I wondered what I would get so I decided to try it out.  That is what the second picture is.  It was really nice.  Obviously it was good fabric and they all weren't unusable sized pieces.

This is what that nice neat little wrapped package looked like once I unfolded it.

As you can see the sizes of their scraps aren't bad at all and there was a nice variety in the package.

THEN, last night, I got another surprise.  I had forgotten that I had ordered a book from Amazon.  I was going through my wishlist and found that one of the books on there happened to be on sale.  For less than $8 (including s/h) I managed to get my Jacobean Applique book that was on there.

I was a happy camper.  :) 

I also managed to sit down for a little bit and work on my January Hexie BOM.  I needed to because the March one will be posted soon and I'm behind.  The BOM calls for 1" hexies which I can do later if I want to but I'm doing mine larger...much larger.  I took a picture of the progress so far and you'll see the sizing of it since I put a 12" ruler in the picture for comparison.

This is the snowflake.  I still need to do the February heart one but that's ok.  I'm not in a hurry (not a terrible hurry anyway) and it's suppose to be fun to do.  It is fun and I'm enjoying working on it and that is the important part.  I've been doing the ladder stitch on it and not a whipped stitch.  It's my favorite new stitch for joining these.  I think it lays down flatter using the ladder stitch.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Really love your fabrics! It looks terrific Bonnie.

esther said...

Very nice!!