Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rail fence galore

I'm on a rail fence block kick.  I think it is because I am only using three colors and my strips are 2.5" wide which means.........drum roll please........I can use my GO! die!!!!!

So I first start to do some purples.  I have them all laid out ready to sew together and found that my GO! die keeps them nicely organized for me at the same time.

I quickly sewed them up and discovered I don't have enough for a quilt for the bed but I do think I might have enough to do a wall hanging.  I'll let you know on that probably tomorrow.

I do like how the colors go together though.  Then I spotted some pinks.  Ohhhhh.  More fun with my GO!  So I found this dark pink....

And this medium pink which you can't see because I took the picture half way through turning the GO!  It has flowers on it.

And of course you need have a light pink to go with it.  Hey Heather!  See that black and red fabric?  Do you remember it?  That's the "I Love Quilting" wall hanging that you made me.  I use it as a cover for my sewing machine.  :)

How long did it take me to cut my strips?  Not long at all.  Three turns of the handle resulted in 18 strips of fabric (2.5").  They are all ready now for me to iron and sew in the next day or two.

Whatever I don't use this time can be used for binding for another project or blocks.  Just all sorts of possibilities.  :)

Oh...before I forget.  I posted my pictures on my other blog


of how my adventure with using a water bottle as an egg seperator went.   :)  Check it out.

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