Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ups and Downs

What a hectic five days.  First my AUnt died and then one of my best friends died.  With all of that going on, I realize that I have to catch you up with the "other" things that have kept me busy.

First of all I think I have found my border fabric for the purple rail fence WH.  What do you think?

I am thinking of a 2" or a 2.5" border for it.  I found some more of the fabric so I can finish making those last two squares that I needed to.  Just need to see if the sewing machine works now.  More on that later.

The last time I was at Walmart I picked up a paper shredder (medium strength).  I....LOVE....IT!

It can take 4 pieces of paper without a problem and also chopped up an old credit card without any problems!  Now to finally get to work on shredding all my papers that I have around.

That wasn't the only thing I bought at Walmart.  I had an idea and started to work on putting it together.  I use one of the folding 6' tables for my sewing area.  I had the brainy idea that if I picked up another one, I could put them together and have this nice large sewing area to hold up quilts and fabric while I sew them.

So I opened it up and set it up and.......it won't work out.  It blocked my doorway into the other room too much.  So from there I wondered what would happen if I swapped my room around.  Oh my!  I thought my sewing area looked like a cyclone hit it when I had to move out the fabric to turn on the other base board heater.  NOW it looks like the cyclone invited all it's family over.  What should have been a relatively easy swap out ended up in a disaster.  When I was moving a sewing machine that I don't use any more, it fell on the floor.  (ok, I dropped it).  That one doesn't want to work any more but eventually I might get it to work.  I just need to take more time to look at it but can't do that until the room gets put back together.  But I wasn't using that one anyway so no biggie right?

Sigh...yes there is more to this story...

I decided to put my two 6" tables (opened up) into an "L" shape against the walls.  One is on the wall where the heater is but it is open so it shouldn't block heat if I have to turn it on again.  The other one is against the other wall.  Then I thought...Hmmmm.  The old table which had the old sewing machine on it might work to turn my "L" into a "U" shape.  Then I could sit in the middle and just scoot over whichever table I need to.  The old sewing table is about 2".   While I thought of it, I put my current sewing machine on it and moved a couple of things.  It was now time to move the sewing table.

Did I move the sewing machine first?  Of course not.  I only had to move it a yard.  3 easy feet was all.  Oh I moved it....but in that move the legs came off.  I forgot that the sewing table which hadn't been moved for 10 years had the same X type of legs that the old trays did.  One of the legs popped out and when I went to pop it back in, the other leg popped out.  Before I knew it, my current sewing machine FELL!  The extended tray popped off (as well as the thread) and I just stared in horror at it lying on the floor.  Is it working you may ask?  I don't know.  I'm afraid to find out.  I will check it out once I get the room put back in order.  It isn't on that table any more either.  I put it on the sturdier white 6" one.  I will plan on using that 2' table for my sewing area I think.

That's what my last couple of days looked like.  What about yours?

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Kat Scribner said...

Okay, I have to be honest and admit that i didnt read all of this post, my attention span isn't long enough, but I did read the first paragraph. I am so sorry you've had these losses, Bonni. That just leaves an empty space in your life, for now. Take comfort and take care.