Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sneak Peek

This is just a quick little post to show you where I think I am headed with my purple rail fence.  The colors aren't as good in this first picture but in the second picture you get a better idea of the purple.

I ran out of blocks but will lay them out at home (this is on the office bulletin board).  I haven't sewn any more of the blocks together so that will make a difference also.  I might have to scrounge to get a couple more blocks out of my fabric but we'll see.  I'll sew these together first and then see where I am at.

This picture gives you a better idea of the colors.  See that bunch of fabric hanging off to the right?  I think I will use that for the back.  It looks better in person than in the picture.  It matched the lightest shade of purple (which was hand dyed and given to me).  It is some of the African fabric that Lyndon had brought back for me last year from Ghana.

Also in the picture you'll see extra strips of the lightest fabric.  I think that I might be able to sew them together and use them for the binding.  What do you think?

Time to start work...official work that is.  Everybody have a great day.