Friday, February 7, 2014

What's Missing.....

It's Friday night and while watching the Olympics I decided to start to sew on my purple rail fence wall hanging.  I was making good progress and managed to get all the blocks sewn together and squared up.  Then I laid them out on the floor to take a picture so I could remember which way they had to lay out in order to get that zig zab effect and......

Yeah, I bet you noticed it also.  I'm one block short.  To be more accurate, I think I'm half of a block short.  Tomorrow I will have to go through all the strips I saved and see if I can reconstruct enough material to finish up that one block.  Then it will be off to the store to figure out what to do about a border.  I have my binding fabric and I have the fabric for the back.  I just need to get some fabric for the borders.  While I am out I might also go and pick out some more black to work on another wall hanging.  I'm thinking of doing The Zipper Quilt from Missouri Quilt Company. 

I think it would be a cute wall hanging and it doesn't take too much fabric.  I have a charm pack called Jungleland that I am considering using.

It would turn it into more of a wall hanging for a child's room but I think it could be cute.   I will have to think about it for a bit.  I also saw another video from Missouri Quilt Company that I am considering trying to make the block they showed.

It's for the Wedge Star and I even have the wedge from them that I had bought awhile ago but never used.

This is the wedge that they are referring to.

All of these decisions to make....tomorrow or the next day.  Now it's time for me to get to bed.  :)

Everybody be warm and safe.

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