Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday with Mom

I haven't really done any quilting tonight but I did manage to take a picture of mom this morning.  It wasn't as easy as it might seem.  Yes she is in a nursing home and confined to a wheel chair but that didn't stop her from scarfing down her breakfast.  Why?  Because the nursing staff had snagged some bacon for her and she LOVES bacon.  So much so that she will eat all the bacon you put in front of her she will only eat that and then say she is full.  Since we bring in Sunday breakfast for her we like her to eat what we bring.  LOL.  She is getting better.  She took half a strip of bacon and then put the rest of the plate (6 pieces) off to one side to eat my biscuits and gravy.  She was eating her biscuits and gravy at a steady pace and I'm surprised that I managed to snap the picture!

After that she made short work of the rest of the bacon.  LOL.

I also managed to take a picture of Edith (the pink bear without the eyes) who came to visit HER bear.  She hasn't named HER bear yet.  I named mine Edith because it is pink and mom LOVES pink.

Mom has now said that Edith is visiting her sister on her bed and needs to stay for a bit.

Then mom noticed that Edith doesn't have any eyes like her sister so now I am suppose to find some eyes and bring them so she can see her sister.  Gotta love her.  Her statement reminded me of when I would drop off my barbie dolls to grandma around Thanksgiving so they could go on a visit to Santa's Workshop (or if it was a teddy bear he could get repaired).  They were "on vacation" and would come back closer to Christmas.  It was great.  Then at Christmas time they got a whole new wardrobe from Santa!  If the bears needed repairing they were in the "hospital" and came back when they could.  Santa, evidently, only had the facilities to take care of bears.  No other stuffed animals were accepted.  LOL.

These bears were made by Nancy Asplund and are really adorable.  She sent them to me as a second santa exchange but she also sells them so if you are interested let me know and I'll pass on contact information.

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Sue Cottle said...

It's great to see your mum looking so good, and eating so well. When I went to visit mine in the hospital rest home yesterday (my Sunday), I was told she's only eating breakfast now, no other meal, and drinking a nutritional drink called Fortisip.

sue:) <3