Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to sewing!

This was my gaming weekend but I still managed to get a couple of things figured out as far as quilt projects go by.

Dan's T-shirt quilt, as he calls it, is in the binding stage.  It took forever to find a backing fabric that I didn't have to piece more than once.  But I finally found something that I liked so I was ready to layer it.  Or at least I thought I was.

Can you see a problem with my layout area?  Yes I do 99% of my quilting on card tables.  In this case, for some reason the two card tables weren't the same height so I had to try and get them close.

It wasn't too bad but then I discovered that the wall hanging/quilt is wider then the tables also. Sigh.  Eventually I got the project layered out but didn't discover that my spray basting was almost empty and didn't hold as well as it should have.  I could have gotten the squares to hold a little better but without a car to run to get more I had to make due.

Here is a picture of a corner of it.  It shows you the back which is a red/black marble type thing of red Stonehenge material and the binding against the red border.

Hopefully I will finish it this week and get it in the mail to Dan.  Then I need to work on the wall hanging of a breast cancer zipper quilt.  I'm not sure how to quilt that one.  Might have to get some more batting also.  These projects are eating up my larger pieces.

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esther said...

Love the red print you used. And good luck at getting your projects caught up. I keep finding more projects I want to make and my age keeps messing up my plans. Enjoy your quilting.