Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting organized

I had lunch with my quilting friend Connie today and she helped me come to a conclusion....we have too many UFO's.  She also helped me make up my mind about Dan's t-shirt wall hanging.  I'm in the process of taking off one of the borders and redoing it.  That will take care of the two small cuts/holes in the fabric.  Nothing can be done about the small gaps in it where my basting glue didn't hold it well enough.  I am NOT going to go and unstitch everything to redo it.

In the counting of how many UFO's do you have, I am putting that at the top of the list.  This is my quilting weekend ( extra day) so hopefully I can get it done or at least mostly done.  Then my plan after that is to work on a couple of zipper wall hangings.  That would be the zipper quilt pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I have a couple of wall hangings done as far as the top (or flimsy) and just need to finish it.  I think I have enough batting to finish one but will have to get more in order to finish up some other projects.  Connie made a list of what she knew she had to work on (I won't tell how far in the double digits her list went) so lets see how much I can remember.  Wall hanging = wh when I make the list.  This list will not be in alphabetical or priority order.

1,  Dan's T-shirt Wall hanging
2.  Breast Cancer zipper wall hanging
3.  Animal print zipper wall hanging
4. Birthday table topper
5.  Inspired by Tradition wall hanging (yes I do mostly wall hangings)
6.  rail fence wh
7.  tea pot wh
8.  snowman wh
9.  quilt pattern magazine BOM from last year
10. Custom Quilt Kit Baltimore Album wh
11.  Baltimore Album style table runner
12.  Dan's medieval quilt
13.  African blue zipper wh
14.  Hexie BOM
15.  Quilter's Facebook  BOM

I know there is more but that's all I can think of right now.  I'll make sure to add to the list.  How many UFO's do you have?

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