Monday, August 4, 2014

Manic Mondays

It's another manic Monday at work but overall not too bad.  The students are starting to arrive on campus and that means it is busier.  My eye is looking better today, see?

It's not as puffy as it was and the redness has diminished.  That made it easier to see to work on Dan's t-shirt quilt.  I have the 14" squares sewn together.  He decided to mix up the t-shirts so he has both gaming and military t-shirts in there.  I sent him a picture of the layout and he liked it.

He was thinking about putting it above his bed so it need to be four wide and three deep to fit in the space.  I am thinking of putting a red border on it to bring out some of the reds on the shirts.  Then the binding.  Won't work on it tonight.  My eye has been used enough for one day  I'll give it a rest tonight.

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