Friday, August 8, 2014

Congrats to Janetta and Shelley!!!!!!!!!

I was going through my facebook pages the other day and noticed to my delight that two friends had won ribbons at a fair with their quilting.  I was told I could post their award winning photos so here we are.

This is my friend Shelley from Utah.  This year is the first time that she has entered anything into competition and she had earlier entered this in the Home Machine Quilting Show that is held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Then a friend convinced her to enter it into the Ogden County Fair.  As you can see it won a blue ribbon.  Congrats Shelley!  It is a wonderful quilt.

Shelley wasn't the only friend who ribbons at the fair.  Janetta Kilough, perhaps best known for her purple heart quilts, designed this and won Best of Show!

I think she did a wonderful job don't you?  I will have to check with her but I think she might be selling this pattern also if anybody is interested.  Contact me and I can put you in touch with her.  Here is her smiling face (and I'd be jumping up and down if *I* won).

I mentioned earlier that you might know Janetta's work from her Purple Heart design.  If you are not familiar with it, one of the blue winners in the fair was her design.  Now Janetta didn't quilt this.  It was made by Jeanette Kennedy Asiala and quilted by Shelley.  I just remembered that I forgot to ask Jeanette Kennedy Asiala if it was ok to post this.  Must do that now.  If she doesn't want it up I'll take it down.

*I* think she deserved the blue ribbon on it.  Let's hear it for all the wonderful talent and my friends.

Way to go ladies!

Keep on stitching ladies!

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Janetta Killough said...

wow! i forgot you did this lol thanks hunny such amazing friends to i love you all so very much! xoxo netta aka the purple heart quilter and i do have designs for sale can reach me on face book