Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday progress

Went for my morning walk today and then came back and contemplated on what I was I going to do for the rest of the day.  By saying my morning walk, I mean I walked to the store to get my caffeine. Still no car (and probably won't have one for a couple of months) so I walked.  It was a 30 minutes walk there, a couple of minutes to pick up something for breakfast, and then the 30 minute walk back.  I've come to discover that my apartment appears to be about 30 minutes from most of the places I need to go.  LOL.  Could be worse.

After I got back and looked around the apartment I decided that today was going to be the day I started on the sewing area.  I didn't finish it but it is about half done.  Here is the part that I'm willing to share so far.

My work area.  The white bag under the table has my used batting in it.  The bag behind the blue starch bottle and the blue bag next to it have fabric set aside for specific projects.

The main part of my U shape craft area has my sewing machine covered up by a small little quilt that Heather sent me.  Heather lives in Canada and gets to see wonderful Icebergs float on past her area.  Then my original sewing table is holding some flimsies waiting to be finished.  For those who don't know what I mean, flimsies is a term that some people use to indicate the top of the quilt.  So in these cases, the wall hangings or quilt tops are done and just waiting for me to sandwich them together and quilt.

Another flimsy that I finished today (YAY) is the t-shirt quilt for my friend Dan.

Those squares around 13.5" inches.  I have to think and search for the backing fabric now.  Didn't have enough of what I wanted to use and the store doesn't have it any more.  Not sure if they won't carry it any more or just ran out.  I'll check back later if I can't find something in my stash.

When I do t-shirt quilts or wall hangings, I have specific things that I will only work with.  For instance I don't put sashings (frame the blocks) in nor do I do a lot of quilting on them.  I'll just be doing a stitch on either side of the seams.

I think this turned out pretty good.  I chose red to help pop out some of red n the shirts.  The binding will probably be a black print that I have in mind.

So now that I've had my break by typing this, it's time to get back to work.

Hope your day has gone well.

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esther said...

Your sewing room looks great and love the tshirt wall hanging. You do great work. Keep it up. God Bless