Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October is here!

Happy October everybody!

I slept so well last night.  Six full hours without getting up in the middle of the night at all.  That is such a good way to start the month!

Don't have much to report.  I did manage to start on a new project.  It is actually one of my UFO's.  I had ordered a kit from Bird Brain Designs and I pulled it out to start since it is Redwork and Redwork is our Bucket List for October.  I've done Redwork before and love to do it.  It's combing two passions in one.  It let's me to my embroidery as well as quilting.  I'm not great with either but know that I don't get better unless I do it and work at it.  Since I know how to do Redwork, I was trying to think how I could do it to make it a bit different which would be learning something else.

This time I used a permanent marker to trace my design.  GASP!  What was I thinking?!!!!!

I'm not known for always doing my outlines right.  My lines get a little off here and there and I never worried about it before since I used the blue washable pens.  Bird Brain Designs, in their directions, say to use a permanent red marker like a pigma pen.  I first tried my blue washable pens but I could only find a softer tip one and not my fine line and it didn't work.  Not a problem.  A few swipes under water and it all disappeared.  Then I used the red pigma marker.  Talk about nervous!  I couldn't wash this out.  The good thing is that it made me go slower and thus I was a little more accurate with my markings.  Being red it shouldn't be noticeable since I'm using red perle cotton.  You can't see the design too well in this picture but you'll see progress as I go along.  This is just one of the blocks.  There are three blocks which can be put together or kept separately.  Not sure which way I will go.

What do you think?

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