Tuesday, October 28, 2014

two blocks done

Finished up a couple of blocks so now I can start on the six blocks that I need for my Christmas block exchange.  They need to be done by Thanksgiving.  First up are my two finished blocks that will go into quilts for other people.

This first one is just a regular one which went together pretty normal like.

 This one, however, is the one that I had cut wrong when squaring up the block.  So I cut it off and turned it under a little bit, and appliqued IT on another block.  So I appliqued the applique block.  LOL.

I got paranoid when it came to square it up so I took my blue water soluble marking pen and drew around my squaring up template.

I ripped up some fabric so I can use it for the redwork and it is a white on white.  It seemed like dust or something flew off when I ripped it so I decided I had better wash it first.  I'm not sure if the dye on it or it was just dusty or what.  So off to the kitchen sink to wash the little bit that I wanted to use.  I'll mark that fabric as a "wash first" fabric.

Now my question for you is if you think I need to enlarge the design on the block?  It is for a 12 1/2" block.  The design as shown here is would result with around 2 1/4" white space around the design.

What do you think.

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