Friday, October 24, 2014

Sites to visit

I'll post pictures of what I am working on later this afternoon but before I forget, I wanted to share a couple of sites with you.

First up, just because it was the last one I was on, is Pellon's site for free patterns.

It has pages of projects to work on.  A lot of them are just block and quite a few are paper pieced but there is plenty for everybody.  Go check it out.

Next up Ludlow Quilt and Sew.  I get Rose Smith's videos in my mailbox every Friday and I certainly look forward to them.  Today's pattern was for a Suudoku quilt.  It is nice and clean looking and has a lot of possibilities.  Here is the link to the pattern which can be downloaded as a PDF.  She also explains how she put it together, etc. in a YouTube video which is nice.  Some of us like YouTube for the visual and it is nice to have the written instructions to follow along also.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about was something I saw on National Quilter's Circle.  I talked about it to my friend Connie and she went home that night and tried the technique and is now likes it enough to blame me for more projects being added to her list.  What is it?  It's a different way to sew square in a square.  I think she called it something like flip and sew.  As an example, take a 10" square (like from a layer cake) and put a 5" square (like from a charm pack) in the middle of it .  Normally to make a square within a square you have a lot of cutting and sewing but not with this method.  This method has you folding the two sides of of the layer cake so they meet in the middle (your 5" square is still laying on top of the layer cake so you are basically covering it up.  Press your sides and then you are sewing your 1/4" seam on each side.  Open it up and press your seam again and repeat on the other two sides.  You now have your square in a square without cutting anything.  When I try it I will take pictures and post so you can see it because I don't think that I explained it very well.

It's time to start work so I'll leave you with that to contemplate for now.  I'll post again when I can get some pictures uploaded.

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