Sunday, October 19, 2014

Redwork Angel

Today was a good day.  My brother picked me up so that I could go have breakfast with mom.  I made biscuits and gravy of course so she was having a good day.  She got to see me and my brother.  She got biscuits and gravy.  She got her diet coke to drink.  She got extra Hot Picante Sauce from McDonalds, and finally she got some bacon brought to her from one of the nurses.  All of her favorites in one day!

Then I can home and was able to finish up the redwork Angel.  That was a good feeling.

There is one more redwork to do for the table runner but I can't remember right off hand what it is of.  That will have to wait for a little bit because now I need to get an applique Angel done to mail out by the end of the month.  It hopefully won't take too long.

I also managed to make chicken soup that had Zucchini, Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots, Wild Rice and Chicken in it.

That will be for dinners this week.  I happened to cut up the zucchini and mushrooms and vacuum sealed them so hopefully they will last a little longer that way.  The zucchini went into the freezer but I didn't freeze the mushrooms.  I'll go through that fast enough.

I'll post pictures on my "getting healthy" blog in the next couple of days as well as some recipes.  It's the season for recipes isn't it?

Everybody have a great day and check back.


esther said...

Glad you got to spend time with your mom and brother. And happy she got some of her favorite things for breakfast. Love your Red Work Angel :) Keep up the good work.

Marsha Clark said...

Great to have family time !
Beautiful Angel !