Friday, October 31, 2014

What to do...and stained glass method

 What do you do when you leave your Redwork project at work and you know it needs to be finished soon?  You start another one.  Yes that is right.  I left my NOEL Redwork project at work.

So now that I needed something to work on, I decided that my block exchange can have TWO Redwork patterns.  The other one I started at home and is a bell.

I know it's hard to see the pattern but it will come along and be easier to see later.  I will work on the bell at home and then the NOEL at work during lunch hours.  Perhaps they both will be done sooner than I anticipate.

Remember the bucket list drawings?  Redwork is Octobers so I am fitting right in with that.  November is Stained Glass so I pulled out my stained glass test pattern that I did for The Quilt Pattern Magazine to put here.

It was nice to work on and I'll probably use that technique again.  You did all your piecing and quilting (as in Free Motion Quilting) BEFORE you added the black leading to it.  The black leading (or whatever color you are using) hides the raw seams of your applique, etc.

Here is a picture of the finished project.

Never having done Stained Glass before it was a little different.  I think that when I do another one, I'll make skinnier leading (or buy pre made binding) if my design has small spaces.

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