Saturday, October 18, 2014

scenes from DeKalb and a little quilting

It has been awhile since I was at the sewing machine working on my Civil War blocks but I managed to finish another one today.

As usual I haven't squared it up yet.  The colors are a little off because I had to lighten it up so you can see that the greys are more of a green and the yellow more of a gold.  This is the first time I've done a top all pieced so it's a struggle for me.  I'll get through it and will try to ignore all my errors because I *will* finish it.  :)

I also used a new to me product called fray block.  I have used Fray check before on my canvas for cross stitch but this one is made for fabric.  

I used it on my fabric for the redwork that I'm doing and I must say that I am TOTALLY happy with it.  The fabric is still flexible but hasn't unraveled while I've been working on it.

I'll finish the angel redwork block today so soon you'll see another pix soon.  In the meantime enjoy some pictures of DeKalb in October and a cute picture of a Huskie.  Huskie's are NIU's mascot so I thought it was appropriate.

Back to sewing.  Everybody have a great day.

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