Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mom, my over achiever

Mother always told me to strive to do your best and be an over achiever.  I think she still believes that because the update on her injuries totally show that she is an over achiever.

The results from the Orthopedic Specialist looking at her are the following:

Between both legs - 5 breaks
a Urinary Tract Infection
an upper respiratory infection
and is having problems swallowing

The swallowing they aren't worried too much about right now because they expect it to go down by tonight once the meds start to kick in.  If not they still have the option of a feeding tube etc in order to keep up her nutritional needs.

So she is back in the hospital for a couple of days.  Her legs are immobilized and they are working on getting rid of her infections.  In all honesty some of this is not knew news.  Every time she is in the hospital she has a urinary tract infection.  She doesn't like her cranberry juice and the elderly are prone to that type of infection any way.  We also knew that she an something wrong with her chest area since she was coughing more.  She usually has coughing problems so that wasn't a surprise.  The breaks were why I am saying she is still an over achiever!

With my cold I can't see her but I know she isn't in too much pain.  They aren't giving her a lot of pain meds and according to my brother it normally isn't bothering her except when they have to turn her over.  That always bothered her any way because of her deteriorating spine.

All said and done, it could have been a lot worse and she's still around and fighting.  I'm so glad that we had a delightful Sunday with her.

With this cold I haven't felt too much like sewing but I did pull out a small pattern last night and tried to remember how to do Paper Piecing.  I messed it up enough that I'm not going to show you but it was a learning experience and helped me get familiarize with how to do it again.  I'm not good at it (don't I always say that?) but I'm still going to try to do a small wall hanging or perhaps a mini wall hanging this month.  I'll keep you updated on that.

I hope everybody stays well and stays safe.

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