Sunday, December 28, 2014

Next(?) project

It's been one week since I've been home from work and do you think that I have finished a project?  Of course not.  I have started different things but not completed them.

Here is the start of one of the projects.  It is the zipper quilt, or in this case a wall hanging, made out of various blue fabric from Ghana.

If I don't get anything else done before I go back to work, I want to get my snowflake wall hanging done.  That would be snowflake Hexie BOM.  I made mine larger so each month can be a different wall hanging.  I haven't put them all together (read that to be I only did January and February) so I hope to get the January one finished to be able to hang up in January.  It would only be a year late.  For me that's almost on time.  LOL.  Pictures to follow another day on that.  I have it spread out on the ironing board but I will take a picture when it's ready to be quilted.

Everybody have a good day/night.


esther said...

Love your blue fabric. Looks good from here. Keep on working on your unfinished projects and one day they will become finished projects :)

Julie Lautzenheiser said...

Beautiful love the colors.