Thursday, October 26, 2017

Finishing an UFO - almost

It's a beautiful thing when you finish a UFO.  I am soon reaching that goal.  I have had a Happy Birthday Banner (table runner) for a bit now and only pick it up occasionally to work on.  In my reorganization, I found it again and opened it up.  Much to my surprise I am almost done with the top.  I only have the word Happy  to stitch down and then stitch the icing on one of the cupcakes.  That means I hope to have this UFO ALL done by the end of the month.  That will be a good feeling. 

I know that I posted my new cross stitch patterns the other day but I think that I forgot to post the set I picked up right before that.  I just love the cute dragons (like in Couch Dragon) that HAED offers.  Eventually I will get all of them.  They just make me smile and that, if for no other reason, is justification enough to get them.

That's about it for this posting.  The bells tolls and that means it is time to turn my attention to Excel Files, budgets, and work emails.  

I hope everybody has a good day.

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