Saturday, October 7, 2017

More work on organization

I still will have boxes/containers that aren't organized as I want them to be but I'm getting closer.  My body only allows so much bending over and moving things at a time.    I am still making progress though.  I finally decided that I needed to take down one of my white folding tables.  For some strange reason, I couldn't get it to cooperate enough to totally fold down but the legs are put in and I have it leaning against the wall.  That will work since it couldn't lean against the wall totally flush because of a baseboard heater that I never use.

The other stack that seems to be growing is my "get rid of " stack.

That stack includes clothes I can't wear any longer and other crafting stuff that is either broken or I don't want any longer.  I am forcing myself NOT to quilt or cross stitch until I get the apartment back into some sort of order.  I am, however, crocheting some pot holders to replace the ones Mom had given me.  She taught me how to crochet these so it's good that I make some periodically and don't forget.   This is one that I finished.

They are nice and thick so they can double up as heating pads.  This one is nice and bright.  The other one I'm working on is in camouflage colors.  I had forgotten how much I like making them so I thought I'd order some more yarn.  These are the colors that are being shipped to me.

That's about it for a report right now.  I have to clean off my bed so that I can GO to bed and my pain meds are starting to kick in.  My body and I should, hopefully, sleep well tonight.  I will have to take it easier tomorrow or else I won't be able to get to work.  LOL.

I hope everybody has a safe and great day/evening.

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