Saturday, October 28, 2017

cooking day

Usually I do my cooking on Sundays but I got a head start today when I decided to make Sweet Potato Hummus.  Yes, another hummus.  I decided to do this recipe since it was so cold in the apartment.  Heating up the apartment by cooking the sweet potatoes in a 450 oven seemed like a good idea...and it was!

So once I was committed, and not THAT kind of committed, I just HAD to finish the hummus, right?  That isn't the only cooking I will be doing.  I will also be making beef stew in my crockpot later.  Maybe Parmesan potatoes in the other crockpot or instant pot.  This should lead nicely into the second week of my FutureLearn course. 

I was looking into other courses of FutureLearn and found some interesting ones.  These are the courses which interested me.

Food as Medicine:  Food, exercise, and the Gut
A History of Royal Food and Feasting
Military Ethics:  An Introduction
Agincourt 1415:  Myth and Reality

So now it is time to turn my brain towards crafting.  I am working on the Happy Birthday Banner/table runner.  I have two more letters done.  It shouldn't be a problem at all to get it done by the end of the month.  YAY!

I was going to do some cross stitch after that but then it happened!  Most of you can relate...I saw another wall hanging that I want to do.  It's a seasonal one so of course I must get it done like NOW!  Ok, I'm delusional. It's a Halloween wall hanging and it's obviously not going to get done in 3 days or however many days it is away.  BUT, and this but is about as big as mine, I think I can convert it to a winter or fall scene if I just leave out the bats.  Otherwise it is a tree that doesn't have any leaves on it with a moon in the background.  It's called Moon Rise and it should finish around 12 1/2".    It was offered for free from Connecting Threads.

I'll think on it more as I eat some beet hummus with red wine vinegar over the top.  That's a healthy snack right? Beets are healthy right?  Plus it's a pretty color.  LOL.

I'll update you later and in the meantime have a great weekend!

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