Sunday, June 16, 2013

In memory of....

I don't have anything to show yet but have given thought to a small block and/or mug rug. Yesterday I found out that a gaming friend of mine, Kevin "Casey" Clement, passed away. This came as a surprise for even though I knew he hadn't been feeling very good I thought he was recovering. I had never met Kevin in person but he was the one responsible for introducing me to online gaming which opened up a HUGE door for which many new friends walked through. That was back around 2001 or 2002 and ever since then, I've been blessed with many online friends. There are a couple of things which I remember Kevin by. One is his penchant for red Fez. He would dress up at Halloween so that he could wear a red Fez. The other thing that I remember about Kevin was his character names. He always had such good names and the first one that I remember was Brown Fox. In memory of Kevin, I thought I would applique a brown fox on a mug rug and have it wear a Red Fez. Rest in peace Kevin. I'm sure that you can now wear your red Fez as often as you like and eat to your hearts content all the wasabi peas that you want. :)

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