Sunday, June 9, 2013

Patriotic Mug Rug

Why is it that when you get an extra long weekend it seems like you STILL don't get much accomplished?  I suppose that I did but it just doesn't seem like it because of the lack of finished projects.  I did manage to finish my patriotic mug rug.  The applique was done by hand.  The stars and flags came from the applique BOM from Custom Quilt Kits by Rose Hall.  The are pre cut and already have their adhesive on them.  It's for $5.  This wasn't all that was in the packet so you get quite a bit for that $5.

Check out her blog. She's starting up a Civil War BOM where she includes the fabric etc for $10 a month.

I did manage to also finish up the second block in the snowman BOM.  I should have made the stars at the top a little larger but I can change that if it bothers me too much.  I will wait until I can put it together a bit and see how it looks.  I will be picking up the next two blocks (you get two blocks at a time) probably while on vacation.

It's getting late so I had better get to bed.  Tomorrow is another 10 hour day.

Good night everybody.

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