Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Adventure of Quilting Continues

Just when you think something went right, life remind you that you haven't figured out everything.  Yes I am talking about quilting.  What happened you say?  Sit down and let me tell you about it.

I was looking at my layout for my Inspired by Tradition blocks and decided to cut one out to see how it would look.  I am using oak leaf and cherries for the four corners.  After cutting out the oak leaves for all four corners I wasn't looking forward to doing all the cherries.  THEN I had a brilliant idea.  I went to my GO! dies and pulled out the Grapes of Wrath die.  The grapes were the same size as the cherries!  So in no time at all I had my cherries.  I also noticed that the cherries in the eagle block are the same size.  WOO HOO!

It didn't take long to cut out small bits of fabric with fusible on it to run through the GO!

In no time at all I have my cherries all cut out.

Armed with my success I pulled out my white on white background fabric which I had cut out before and got ready to press.

Hmmm.  something isn't right here!  I cut my fabric larger and it's still not large enough.  I think my dimensions are off on my pattern.  That's not the worst.  I can always use the WOW fabric for something else.  I'll just have to recut the back ground fabric.  I'll probably have to make it 16".  That just means this will be larger than I thought so I'll send it out to be quilted.

Back to the drawing board.  LOL.


esther said...

Got to love the dies!!! And it looks great. You will make this work.

Anonymous said...

always a way to fix it :) great work Bonni!!!! Love what you are doing!!

Bonni said...

Thanks Ladies. When it is finished I'll post a picture but it will be awhile yet.