Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wool Project

I had decided to do a small candle mat in wool to figure out if I liked working with wool.  Hmmm.  The verdict is still out on that.  I sort of like it and can see the advantage of working with wool.  Not sure how often, after the snowman wall hanging, that I will work with wool but I am glad that I tried it.  Here is my candle mat.

I also heard that there is a yarn/quilting shop that opened up in Rochelle.  I think it is called Needles.  I think I will check it out next week while on vacation.

I also think that this time I will have this month's snowman blocks mailed to me.  The cost of gas is still over $4 a gallon and if I were to drive to pick it up at the store, it would cost me more than in gas than it would to have the store ship it to me.  I will have to check with the store to be sure on how much they would charge but it might be the better option.

It's getting late and I'm not feeling the greatest so I'm off to bed.  Everybody have a good night.

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