Monday, September 8, 2014

Better Pictures and new project

I took Dan's  t-shirt wall hanging into work and managed to get a better picture.

I will send it out to Dan later this week.

Since I had a finished one UFO I decided to start another one.  This time it would be the Happy Birthday table topper/runner that Rose from Custom Quilt Kits had done for me.  VERY reasonable pricing on it and I let her pick out the fabric.  Today I started to hand buttonhole stitch the letters down.

I will leave it at work so that I can work on it during lunch hours.  

Tonight I also hope to get fused a block that I need to do.  Or at least the pattern found again so that I can print it up tomorrow.


Marsha Clark said...


Bonni said...

Thanks Marsha. I am happy to report that Dan loved his wall hanging. He said it was excellent and the best present he had gotten. Gotta love that.