Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thermal Thimbles

This is for those of you who had questions about the blue finger cots that I used.  I did a little bit of searching and I've found them in three places online.  Of those three places, two of them also have stores so you could probably get them there.  I can't remember if I went to WalMart or if I went to JoAnne's for mine or got them from Nancy's Notions.

Here is the information that I found and I hope it helps you.

I probably got them from WalMart or Joann's.  I LOVE them!  I got a 3 pack and it's just the right number for my left hand.  It leaves two fingers free yet to help spread seams and stuff.  I hope that helps you Kat.  :)

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esther said...

Thanks for the info Bonni love your work.