Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Making progress

I've made some progress on my NOEL as well as getting an idea thanks to Dollar Tree.

First here is my progress on NOEL.

The NOEL itself will be fun to work on because it has more straight lines.  Not that I will totally stitch them straight but I'll try to get close.

Then I was getting a few things at Dollar Tree and I saw some huge ornaments.  These were flat and I thought that I could take one and make it into a mini wall hanging.  Here are a couple that I picked up.

I also picked up a pack of 12 foam angels. They will be glued to card stock or something and I can make smaller blocks out of them.  Overall I think it is a good plan.  Now to see if I can get them made and work them into the 9.

What's the 9?  I had a friend pick a number between 1 and 13 and he picked the number 9.  That is my goal in 2017.  To finish 9  craft projects.  Of course that means I will have to make a list and I have already started on that.

1.  The Hexie Snowflake mini wall hanging.  This is from the Hexie BOM but since I had LARGE hexies one snowflake design can be made into a mini wall hanging.  I have the top all done, just need to finish it so it is a UFO that would be finished also.

2-3-4.  The three ornaments from Dollar Tree to turn into mini wall hangings.

5.  Finish up Gnome and Critter Christmas cross stitch.

6.  Start and finish Snowmen on a Sled cross stitch with my friend Connie.  I'm not sure if Connie is going to stitch the same pattern with me or pick another pattern and work to start and finish it in 2017.

7.  Finish the teapot BOM (another UFO).

8.  Finish the Dinorawr quilt (another UFO).

9.  Work on Storm at Sea Blocks and perhaps get the flimsy (top) done.

Those are my tentative projects to work on.  Of course I have lots more I can choose from and if I finish those I might add more to the list.

Not sure what Storm at Sea blocks look like when put together?  Here are some Pinterest links showing ones I like.

There are a ton and a half of different ways to do that pattern.  CyberQuilters 4-CBees (one of my yahoo groups) will be working on Storm at Sea so I won't be the only one trying to figure it out.  Sometimes the hardest part is to pick which one to do!

Have a great night/day everybody.

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