Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tired on Tuesday

Another busy day for me.
   - Made a big batch of bean soup after cutting up an 8 pound ham.
   - Went to H&R block for an appointment.
   - Went to the DMV to get my renewal sticker for my car license plates
   - Figured out what I wanted to work on
   - Bought the DMC floss and Aida cloth for it.

So what do you do after all of that?  You straighten out this mess and start to wind it onto the bobbins!

I still need four colors for one of the projects but I will have time to gather them up.  I might actually have them in my storage so will look there first.

What do I need all those colors for?  Most of them will be going into a Theresa Wentzler pattern called Tradewinds.

The rest of it will go into a quick little holiday one which is one of my nine projects that I listed the other day.

These aren't what I had planned on doing next but as I was TRYING to clean, I ran across the patterns and they spoke to me.  Yes I have a TON of patterns and they will get worked on in rotation or sooner or later but for now these are next in rotation.  I am still working on the Gnome and Critter Christmas too so I'm not giving up on that.

I also started a quick micro Quilt.  I'm calling it micro since it is only going to be around 9" x 12".  I ran across that today also.  I have it cut out and mostly fused together so tomorrow might be a quilting day interspersed with winding embroidery floss.

That's it for now.  I hope everybody has a great day/night.

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Sue Cottle said...

Hi - what happened with the Orenco Originals William Morris/Holy Grail cross-stitch pattern - did you ever start it?