Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday's progress

It's a chilly Saturday but I was up early chatting with a friend and decided I needed to get things done.  You'd think that making that decision would make it easier to get up and do it wouldn't you?  It didn't.  I stayed in bed and snuggled in while we chatted until I finally decided that I *had* to get up.  Actually Mother Nature made that decision for me.  Sort of like when my mother used to say "get up NOW".  You knew that you had to listen, right?

So once I was up I got dressed and got some groceries so tonight will probably be cooking night.  I'm on vacation and don't want to cook too much on it. I plan to be relatively lazy and do crafting.  I think that sounds like a delightful vacation to me!  After coming home I found a package in my mailbox!  YIPPEE!  My order from Nancy's Notions came in.  Want to see what I ordered?

The blue in the background is actually a much darker blue...almost navy.  It is 108" wide though so even though I only ordered 1 yard of it, I will get a lot out of it.

Night Shadow Batik Vine
 I thought this cat panel was really cute.  I don't normally order panels because I haven't had much luck with them.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep the panel in one piece or split it up.  It will probably be a future present(s) for my friend Janine who is crazy about cats.

Four Paws Cats Fabric Panel

This fabric is called Gray Daisy Batik and is 106" wide.  Once again I only ordered 1 yard but I'll get a lot of use out of it.    It has gray on gray daisy's as well as a little bit of yellow in the fabric.

Gray Daisy Batik

I also ordered a mini screw driver set which is on back order.  They are only around 1 1/2" tall and I hope they will fit under my clearance for my sewing machine.

The last thing that I ordered was a 10 piece wonder clip pack.  I haven't used them before so I didn't want to get too many but as soon as I saw them, I thought I needed more so found a sale on FB from Quilter's Mart to get 50 of a larger size of them for $7.00.  Considering that I paid $5.39 for the 10 of the smaller size I thought that was too good of a deal to pass up.

I decided to finish up an UFO today.  This is my snowflake hexie that was from a BOM a year or so ago.  I had Rose from Custom Quilts cut out my hexies and made them larger.  I didn't finish the BOM but did collect the Hexie so now need to finish them.  I have this one assembled and the February one which was a red heart.  I'll work on that a bit more and get it finished in 2017.  Then I might just take all the hexies that weren't put together for the rest of the months together in a quilt top or table topper.  I'll figure out something later to do with them.

The quilt sandwich is made so it is time for me to get off Facebook and start to quilt the snowflake.  I think that I will use a minimal approach (so I can get it done) and just quilt inside the white hexies and just around the outside.

Perhaps tomorrow you will see the finished wall hanging.  In the meantime I'll let Sven clean my computer screen.

Have a great day everybody!

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