Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Weather Outside is delightful?

Have you ever had one of those days when all of a sudden you just got cold.  You were fine for the majority of the day but as soon as the sun starts to think about going down you get chilled.  That is where I was at.  What do you do?  What did I do?

First of all I changed clothes so I had warmer clothes on (ie, added socks) and put on my heavy sweater.  Not enough.  Next I gave in and turned up the baseboard heater by the computer.  Not enough.  Hmmm.  Aha!  Throw a...throw across my legs.  Better.  Double Aha!  I decided I needed to warm upon the inside so I made pumpkin pudding (pumpkin pie without the crust).  Obviously I didn't wait too long after it came out of the oven before I grabbed a bowl.  Yes that is a snowman off to the side.  He's there to remind Christmas is right around the corner or, according to my blog countdown, it is 41 days, 5 hours....and counting.  :)  Hmmmm, I wonder if HE was the cause of me becoming cold all of a sudden.

I'm warm now and just have to show you my new seasonal coin purse.  Isn't it cute?!

Tis the season ....   LOL.

I did manage, in between all of this, to stitch a bit more on my NOEL redwork.

I bought some ornaments from Dollar Tree which I plan to use as templates for mini quilts.  Hopefully you will see them soon.

That's it for my report for tonight.  I hope everybody is having a great day/night.

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