Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Relaxing Sunday

Ahhh, my favorite day of the week...Sunday.

I tried a different biscuits and gravy recipe this morning for breakfast with mom and both her and Kerm said they liked it.  I might make it again then.  That was the busy part of the day.  Then I came home and have been predominantly lazy.

Being lazy and relaxing on a Sunday means craft time.  Before I could sit down to stitching, I had to prepare some food for the week.  Today it was a hit/miss type thing.  I randomly pulled things off the shelf and threw them together.  The end result?  Something that would be kind of similar to a Spanish rice.  It might have started out to be chili but I never put in the chili seasoning.  Then it might have turned into a pasta dish but discovered I was out of pasta!!!!!!!! So I had tomato base and ground beef in it.  I found some whole grain brown rice and tossed that it with some spices.  It didn't turn out to be too bad at all.  I put some in the freezer and left some out to eat during the week.  It was a little spicier than I was expecting but that was, I discovered, because one of the cans of tomatoes was Ro-Tel tomatoes with mild green chili's.  Ohhh. THAT would explain it.  It helped clean out my sinus a little bit so that was nice.

With the food put away it was now stitching time.  I finished another corner block for Inspired and am about half way through the Eagle block.  I will probably post pictures of that on the Inspired page tomorrow.

Guess what arrived in the mail this weekend?  Block 4 of the Civil War BOM that is from Custom Quilt Kits, Inc.  I laid it out but haven't sewn it yet.  Perhaps I'll get to it this week.

I think it will go together pretty good.  I will have to be careful on how I sew it but it does help to lay it out first.

I'll let you know how it goes.

I hope everybody has a good night/day and a great week.

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