Monday, September 2, 2013

what's on the design wall - Labor Day 2013

Happy Labor Day!  At least Happy Labor Day for us in the US although I hope everybody, no matter where you are, will have a happy day.

I am some things on my design wall that I will start to stitch on.  Not sure I will get anything done but the fusing has been done on a  number of things and it's time for stitching.  That is one of the things that I love about applique.  It is portable so I can still be watching tv or sitting at the computer while I stitch.  So what's on the wall?  Here are the pictures.

Here are the next two snowmen blocks.  I have a problem with fusing with wool and heat n bond lite.  I've been told that I should switch to steam a seam or something for wool.  I keep forgetting though when I get to the fusing stage.  I am wondering, I guess, if the steam with "smoosh" the wool down too much.  Oh well...perhaps one day I will remember.

I also cut out and fused down my African dancers.  I think I'm going to like it.  Here are the individual dancers...

and here they are fused on.

All of the above projects need embroidery done on them also so it will be interesting to see them when they are finished.  I haven't picked out which African fabric I will use for the binding yet.

Then I also have the new September mini BOM to do.  That one is quickly done and is an apple.  I haven't printed up the pattern yet so you don't have a picture yet.  Perhaps I will finish up my current Inspired block.  I only have 8 leaves left to do.  Have I mentioned that I'm tired of leaves yet?  I still like working on the blocks which bodes well for the chances of it being finished.

What are your plans for today?