Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013 - already?

Labor Day is right around the corner and I find myself realizing that I don't have to work tomorrow.  Yes I know, I knew it but I didn't *realize* it.  That means this weekend is the rare weekend where I get to meet with gaming friends as well as get some stitching time in.  Hopefully I won't waste it wondering what to work on.  I might work on some mug rug for Christmas.  Not sure yet.

I plan to work on the two snowmen blocks.  I've started to copy the pattern onto the fusible but it's so hot that I want to wait a bit longer for it to cool down before I adhere them to the fabric.  

On a non quilty topic, I had a delightful visit with my nephew.  While I was there, I managed snap some pictures of some of the kids.  Of course since one of the children is a teenager, no picture of her.  She's into her own world (still love you Tori).  Think I missed taking another picture...perhaps Bella's?  But I did manage to get some.  Here they are.

Jessica and Jason Erlandson - Jason is my nephew.

Liam - Their youngest who started 2nd grade.

James.  Their oldest son (fourth child) and only Bear fan.  GO BEARS!

Aurora - One of their three girls.  Love them all.
The kids had to check out the chase lounges which I brought over today.  I had them and wasn't using them. It didn't take long for them to be put to use.  Liam started out on the computer but soon joined his brother in the living room playing games while on the chaise lounge.  Aurora had gotten up and Liam claimed her seat.  :)

Aren't they all cute?

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