Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flying Geese and Triangles

Ready to give me some advice?  I'm new to piecing so am unsure how to do flying geese.  I know various methods but I'm on this kick (in order to do a Civil War pre cut BOM) on figuring out the "proper" way to do them with precut pieces.

Soooo.  You have three triangles.  How do you join them for a flying geese block.  Ignore the bad geometrical shapes (and sizes) in these pictures and just assume they are the sizes and shapes they should be for what you want to join. (grins).

When lining up your two triangle pieces to sew to make the flying geese, do you line up on the bottom....or line up at the top.  A simple newbie question but I don't see it listed anywhere on how to line them up.

Any advice?

While you're thinking on this, I'll go post on the Baltimore page.  :)

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