Monday, September 30, 2013

Last day of September!

The holidays are sneaking up on us are you ready?  I'm not.  I'm not even ready for early December to hit me because I haven't put together mom's birthday present yet.  That's pretty sad when I already have the blocks done for the table runner and just need to put it together.

I didn't get much quilting/stitching done over the weekend.  It was one of those weird weekends that get away from you and come Monday morning you realize you can't remember too much of what you did but you know it wasn't anything you had planned to do.

I did manage to snap a couple of cute pictures of mom.  My boss, Lyndon, gave me a pen which I thought mom would like so took it to her.  It had glasses and a bowtie on it.  I was right.  I think she looks adorable in these pictures.

I hope I look so happy when I'm 93!  Go mom!

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BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Hi Mom! Love your hat. I have one in red.

Most of the time, I wear a stocking cap. Mick says I'm a Gangsta Grandma or LL Cool Js Grandma.