Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Did you notice anything different?

Hmmm?  Did you?

I've added another page to my blog.  I'm going to be starting Lily Rose by Esther Aliu and I thought that project will take on a life of its own soon so it should have its own page.  Go check it out.

This week hasn't been too good of a quilting week for me so far but I have been diligent in going through my magazines and weeding out more and more.  Even my new magazines that came in went through and picked out the patterns I wanted and discarded the rest.  Of course that meant that I will have more projects to add to my wish list.  This is one of them.

That is for a small table top quilt which means if I don't want to keep it, it would probably fit in the space I need for work or mom might want it.

THEN I found out that Stonehenge is coming out with some new fabric.  Isn't that exciting?  I love that line of fabric.  Here it is.  Yes I was taking picture with my phone so that I'd remember what I wanted to share and show.  LOL.

That's about it until next time.  You'll probably see some more pictures of what I want to add to my "to do" list.  One of them is called "Simply Lovely Table Runner" by Quilt Trends Spring 2013.  I'm not really fond of the border on it but do like the center.  But I'd better shut up now before I run out of something to say and share next time.

See you next time.  

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